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As-Built Floor Plan Definition:

As-Built plans are a verification of the existing square footage of a building. This onsite measure may or may not differ from what was recorded at the Assessor office or on the original building plans. With the cost of real estate evaluated per square foot, a simple miss-measurement could result in hundreds if not thousands of lost dollars.


As-Built Floor Plan Services: 

S.R. Building Plans, offers a complete Residential and Commercial construction verification services utilizing the latest advancements in laser hardware and C.A.D. software. Our services include Acrobat PDF and AutoCAD DWG floor plans complete with BOMA area analysis, area verification, building photographs and much more.

Medford Construction | Commercial & Residential | As Built Floorplan Services

Residential Verification of Square Footage:

  • Method for Calculating Residential: ANSI Z765-2003

  • Assessor record of square footage oftentimes is LESS than actual

  • Accurate square footage needed to establish listing price

  • Accurate square footage needed prior to escrow and appraisal

  • PDF, JPG, AutoCAD files for distribution handouts


Commercial Verification of Square Footage and BOMA Building Analysis:

International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS)

Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1–2010)

Gross Areas of a Building: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.3–2009)


BOMA is an acronym for Building Owners and Managers Association.

This group has established widely accepted methods of establishing rentable and usable square footage in buildings.  BOMA reports are typically used to assign communal building areas to individual leases in a fair and legal way.

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Medford Construction in Southern Oregon

BOMA Reports contain:

  • Coversheet with current photo, site address, company information

  • Marketing floor plan with gross building area and room dimensions

  • Color coded rentable area analysis per floor drawing

  • BOMA Standard rentable area analysis spreadsheet calculations

  • CD disc of PDF and AutoCAD files for space planning

Why should you have your building measured?

It identifies more rentable area. The revision to the BOMA standard in 1996 and 2010 favored property owners by including areas not previously covered. In many cases the rentable area of a building increases as a result of re-measurement. This may significantly result in more income and increases the value of the building. The payback period for investing in measuring may be the quickest of any investment in your building.


An accurately measured building is a marketing tool.

Once on CAD, drawings can be produced of specific tenant areas with proposed layouts and rentable areas or other information you desire. Files can be used in fliers or web pages, making the presentation look more professional.


A third party opinion is better received.

Existing and potential tenants feel secure that an impartial third party measured the space and certified the results.


Use for due diligence.

Our services are used as a due diligence tool when purchasing a building to confirm that the data advertised is accurate.


A measured building aids facilities management.

Clients can have standardized files on their computer desktop - instantly viewed electronically with the site data at their fingertips. Plans can be emailed to others instantly. Most architects, engineers, and interior designers are working with CAD files.

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